Summer Camp

With summers around the corner the kids get excited of how to get the most out of it. Whereas, the parents are more keen onto widening the kid’s knowledge horizon.

We, at PRIA WARRICK FINISHING SCHOOL, combine fun with learning, a combination rare to find. Starting with the first week of May, a Summer Camp was conducted at the academy for kids and students of various age groups being 4-10 years, 11-15 years and 16+ (early 20s). The summer camp was organized during the month of May and June. It was concluded with a Grand Finale during the month of July.


  • Basic social etiquette
  • Table manners and dining etiquette
  • Party etiquette
  • Enhancing leadership skills
  • Team spirit
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Retaining friends

The classes inculcated fun activities adhering the active participation of students wherein they indulged in role plays, group discussions, team building activities, action researching and role modeling for learning. All age groups were given chances to indulge with other age groups to make them comfortable with various social situations and social groups. Each day, the sessions were accompanied by practical dinning etiquette sessions, wherein students were made familiar with concepts like eating with fork and knife, table manners, dealing with difficult food and eating international cuisines effectively.

All in all, the programme was a big hit amongst students and it came in with a lot of appreciations from the parents with satisfying results.

For Young Adults, Teens & Kids

Creating Lasting Impressions Y Y Y
Social Graces/ Etiquette Y Y Y
I Am Special Y Y Y
Etiquette for Lady/Gentlemen to be Y Y
Etiquette for Lady/Gentlemen to be (Advanced) Y
Confidence building Y Y Y
Developing Self esteem Y
I Am Special (Advanced) Y Y
Dealing with peer pressure Y Y Y
Body Language Y Y Y
Table Manners Y Y Y
Dining Etiquette (Level 1) Y Y Y
Dining Etiquette (Level 2) Y Y
Team Building Y
Developing Team Spirit Y Y Y
Art of making and retaining friends Y Y Y
Art of making and retaining friends (Advanced) Y Y
Self management Y Y Y
Time Management Y Y
Public Speaking Level 1 Y Y Y
Public Speaking Level 2 Y Y
Public Speaking Level 3 Y
Presentation Skills Y
Image Enhancing Y
Interview Etiquette Y
Group Discussion Y
Art of Dressing Y Y Y
How to be a leader? Y
Art of Sitting, Standing & Walking Y
Anger management Y
Improving English speaking and pronunciation skills Y
Attitude Management Y Y
Birthday Party Etiquette Y
Communication Skills Etiquette Y Y
How to be Social Y
Overcoming Shyness Y Y
Party Etiquette Y Y Y
Ballroom Dancing Y Y
Wellness management Y
Art of Socializing Y
How to get self motivated Y
Understanding realistic and unrealistic goals Y
Exam anxiety Y
Developing Concentration Span Y
Dealing with stress Y
Dealing with panic situations Y
Emotional stability and awareness Y
Dealing with Bullies Y Y
Dealing with lies Y
Tact and Diplomacy Y Y
Social Networking Y
Art of Answering spontaneously with flair & finesse Y
Developing Conversational Skills Y Y
Art of Small Talk Y Y
Make up Application Y
Perfect Hairstyle to suit your face Y
Dealing with attention seeking behavior Y
Art of Restraining & Self control Y
Developing a Style Y
Good taste and character building Y
Dealing with different kinds of personalities Y
Understanding a man/woman relationship Y
Cooking class Y
Dealing with issues of Self Comparison Y
Leadership Skills (Level II) Y
Survival techniques Y
Improving Interpersonal Relations Y
Visit to a Coffee Shop Y
Art of Assertiveness Y
Parent Interaction Y Y
*Movie and Popcorn Time Y Y
Dealing With Criticism Y
Counsellings Y Y
*Topics may vary with subject to individual difference and age of the student. Students are put according to their age group. Summer workshops are conducted for 2-3 weeks. For students outside Delhi, the programme can be compressed for 2 weeks. .
Delhi/NCR Students 3.5 hours (per day) Monday- Saturday
Outstation Students 5 hours (per day) Monday- Saturday
Grand Finale at the end of the summer programme.
Our summer camps in Delhi, India ensure that participants have learning with fun and help the children to enhance their skills like confidence building, communication skills, overcoming shyness, peer pressure, dealing with stress etc. We ensure that our summer camp in India are fun and enjoyable and give your children opportunity to indulge in fun activities, make new friends and learn about things that are not available in textbooks. Our summer camps in Delhi are for adults, teens and kids helping them improve their overall personality.
Parents get to interact with the faculty and witness the new confident personalities of their wards.