Soft Skills Training

These questions would often come in your mind and most of the times you may not have answer for them. Pria Warrick finishing school is one of the finest schools when it comes to soft skills training and our innovative training courses ensure that you are well equipped with your soft skills to meet any challenges in this dynamic environment. Whether it’s with your social circle on what and how talk, or it’s in your business front how to deal with seniors, clients, or it’s how to dress up in what occasion. Pria Warrick finishing has experts which deal with getting rid of those complexes, anger, shyness and helping in that overall grooming of your personality.


  1. At business dinner, after the business is over, do you possess the knowledge of soft skills to carry a social conversation with your German business client?
  2. If you are a vegetarian and travelling overseas, do you know what to order for yourself?
  3. A toast has been proposed in your honour, you say thank you, and take a sip of your drink. Are you correct?
  4. At a formal dinner the waiter is serving wine and you don’t want any. What should you do?
  5. “Ms. Director, I’d like you to meet Mr. Client”. Is this introduction correct?
  6. When shaking hands, who should extend the hand first? Man or Woman?
  7. You are meeting a client over the weekend for business. How should you dress?
  8. People take the credit for your work. How do you brand yourself better in front of your superiors?
  9. The office can sometimes have unreasonable requests. Do you know the art of saying “NO”, yet keeping the boss happy?
  10. Does your work go unnoticed? Do you know the art of ‘Self Branding’ and ‘Self Projection’?
  11. Do you know the “Art of avoiding conflicts at the work place”?
  12. Do you have Interpersonal Social Skills to build new contacts?
  13. You know the right interview skills, but do you know the right interview etiquette?
  14. Why is Social Etiquette important in the corporate world?
  15. What is Power Dressing, Semi Formal Dressing, and Friday Dressing?
  16. Do you know the proper etiquette of eating with your hands in a formal gathering?
  17. Do you have the right answers but are conscious of speaking out in meetings?
  18. Do you hesitate at Public Speaking and Presentations?
  19. Do you have the soft skills to make friends?
  20. Are you constantly comparing yourself to others?
  21. What is the difference between Aperitif and an Appetizer?
  22. Can men wear perfumes?
  23. As a host at a Business dinner you should place the highest ranking guest to your left? True/False
  24. You are a good worker but are you stagnating in your career and there is no growth while others are getting promoted?
  25. Do you have exposure to international cuisines since the business world has become global?

Soft Skills Training

Have you ever faced a rejection without even given a chance of proper introduction?

Do you feel that people judge you very easily?

Does your entire interview go awful?

Think again, is there an issue with your approach? Do you lack one very essential factor in your personality?

However good you are in your field of expertise or your degree course or any professional achievement you received but if you can’t express to the world that means you are lacking a key component in your personality i.e. soft skills. And here come our soft skills training at your rescue. Not everyone is born with it but you can develop them and here at Pria Warrick Finishing Academy under our specialized module for Soft Skills Training and Finesse, we convert those dormant skills alive a kicking.

Pria Warrick Finishing School offers soft skills training for everyone

Nowadays, schools are falling short of grooming because the competition in the contemporary world. They are more oriented towards helping the students gain marks! But what about the soft skills which hold equal importance..? Certainly, soft skills are very much required to get you through the Interview’s or Group Discussion or let to display the appropriate Etiquette at various occasions – business and social! Unfortunately, many of us faill in such soft skills and attributes that are must to optimize the best part of our Personality and Conduct. Pria Warrick Finishing School is an institution dedicated to impart such soft skills training in a very customized manner so that the learner is able to overcome his/her shyness, hesitation, angst, stress and anxiety that are manifested in the form of fumbling, getting blank and nervousness!

Our soft skills training makes you an individual of worth and charm!

We all suffer from the above said negative orientations but more important is the fact that these can be overcome; if provided training assistance with a personalized manner. At Pria Warrick Finishing School, we aim to work upon the removal of the road blocks in your way towards achieving the best conduct that are marked by confidence, outstanding personality, desirable etiquette and an overall worth of being you. We are training the candidates since 1989 and have worked with students, professionals, housewives and officers.

Our soft skills training programs are very dedicated yet comprehensive. All the relevant components are worked upon in definite chronology while effective and results oriented counseling cum training ensures that objectives are actually achieved for you! The results you get and the satisfaction and confidence that you develop, is our true reward and recognition.

We are continuously inspired to offer the best and dynamic soft skills training so that your personality and etiquette never fall short of confidence. Therefore, we bend forward to engage in continuing research programs that are meant to upgrade your training skills for you! Come now and find the best soft skills training at Pria Warrick Finishing School.